Types of health workers

Speech pathologist

Speech pathologists help people who have problems with communication. Communication includes reading and writing. Speech pathologists are also known as speech therapists. They help people:

  • speak
  • understand language
  • read
  • write
  • improve their social skills.

This can help people to have good mental health.

To find out more about speech pathologists visit healthdirect and Speech Pathology Australia

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Exercise physiologist

Your health and fitness is important for good mental health. An exercise physiologist helps you with your health and fitness using exercise. Exercise physiologists know a lot about what types of exercise can help a person best.  

An exercise physiologist can also help people with:

  • exercises to get better after illness or injury
  • ongoing health problems such as arthritis.

To find out more about exercise physiologists visit Allied Health Professionals Australia

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A dietitian specialises in food and diet. A dietitian knows a lot about what is best for people to eat so they are healthy. They can help to treat medical conditions.

A dietitian can:

  • let you know the best foods for you to eat
  • help you to manage any medical conditions you have by suggesting the best food to eat.

To find out more about dietitians visit Dietitians Australia.

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A nutritionist advises on food and diet. They help people to choose the best foods for them so that they are healthy. A nutritionist is different to a dietitian. They do not treat medical conditions like dietitians.

To find out more about the difference between dietitians and nutritionists visit Dietitian or Nutritionist? 

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