Tips for good mental health

Ways to have good mental wellbeing and feel happy

Do activities


Person making a choice

You can stay healthy and feel well by doing activities.


You can do activities

Doing an activity alone
  • Alone
Group of people playing a game together
  • With other people

Doing activities can make you feel like you have achieved things.

Person thinking

Doing activities helps you not focus on negative feelings or things going on around you.

Person volunteering


Doing activities can also give you a sense of meaning.


A sense of meaning gives us a feeling of

  • Being part of something


  • That life is useful and valuable


Happy person

Below are some examples of activities you can do.

Group of people doing exercise


You can find go to social events that interest you.


There are many community groups that offer social outings and activities.


Person using the internet


For more information about community groups go to



Support group


You can also join a group where you can communicate to others.


For example One Door Mental Health support groups.


For more information about One Door Mental Health support groups go to




Stay in contact with your family and friends if that will help you.


To stay in contact you might

  • Call your family


  • Visit your family


  • Ask them to visit you


Listen to music to relax


You can use relaxation techniques.


To help you relax you can use apps such as Smiling Mind.


For more information about Smiling mind go to


In park with friends

You can exercise and be in nature.

Different activities

Some other activities include

  • Hobbies


  • Games


  • Activities you enjoy 


Healthy food

Finding healthy foods you enjoy to have a balanced diet.

Person playing the piano

You can spend time on hobbies.

Person with a suitcase


You can take trips away.  


There are groups that can help you with trips.


For example Trusted Travel.


For more information about Trusted Travel go to


Have a sense of meaning


Man smiling

People who have a sense of meaning

  • Are better able to cope in difficult times


  • Have better wellbeing
Happy person

Below are some examples of things you can do to have a sense of meaning.

Garbage bin

You can get involved in community projects.


For example beach clean-up day.  

Meeting at a job centre

You can find a job.

Person volunteering

You can volunteer if appropriate.


When you volunteer you give your time to help an organisation.

Person using the internet


For more information about who you can volunteer with go to



Speaking up


You can advocate for yourself or others.


To advocate is you or someone else doing things so that your rights and needs are met.


Book with the word Rules printed in black text. Under the word are two boxes. In the left box is a green tick, in the right box is a red cross.

Rights are rules about how everybody should be treated fairly.


A right is something everyone has.

Person in an office

For more information about how you can advocate for yourself or others go to

Person using a computer

You can also do things that can increase your skills.

Strong person

You can take note of

  • Your strengths and when you do things that use them


  • Things that have gone well
Person with goals

To set goals can help you to have a sense of meaning.




Man laughing

All of the above suggested activities can help you to have positive emotions.


Positive emotions

  • Make you feel good


  • Benefit different areas of your life
Group of people

What people find positive is different for everybody.

On time

It is important to take time to find out what is positive for you.

Listen to music to relax

You can find time to be relaxed.


For example you can listen to music.

Person making a choice

You can find a place to keep things that make you happy that you can go to often.

Person with goals

You can set goals for the future.

Person thinking

You can take time to reflect when things go well.  

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