Supports for people with many support needs

People with many support needs
List of needs

People with intellectual disability can have many support needs.


Support needs means you need support with different things in your life.


Support needs are sometimes called complex needs.

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For more information about multiple needs go to

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Below are services and supports for people with multiple needs.

Mental health words

There is a lot of information.


Some words can be hard to understand.

Talking to someone you trust

You can ask someone to read this information with you.

Health worker

Specialist Intellectual Disability Health Teams know how to work with people with intellectual disability.


They can work with your doctor or health workers to help support you.

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The Statewide Intellectual Disability Mental Health Hubs know how to work with people with intellectual disability.

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They can work with your doctor to help support you.


You can let your doctor know about the Hubs.

Health worker

The Complex Care Service can work with your GP to support your health problems.


For more information about the unit go to 

Seeing a health worker

A GP is the doctor you see when 


  • You are sick 


  • You need a health check 
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You can use a folder to keep your health information together.


The folder can make it easier for you if you need to go to hospital.


You can take the folder with you to hospital.


For example

  • Admission2Discharge Together Folder


  • Council for Intellectual Disability My Health Matters folder


For more information about the Admission2Discharge Together folder go to

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For more information about the My Health Matters folder go to

Screen capture of the Wordlist on the Intellectual Disability Mental Health Connect website.

There are some tricky words on this Easy Read page.


For more information about these words go to