Resources - Tools

Planning sheets


My Easy Read Discharge Plan 

DescriptionIf you have been in hospital for your mental health you can use this sheet to help you plan the support you will get after you leave hospital.

TypePlanning sheet


Working together with your mental health team planning sheet

DescriptionYou can use this sheet to help plan how your mental health team can support you best.

TypePlanning sheet


Medication diary tool


Medication side effects diary 

DescriptionYou can use this diary to write down any side effects you have from your medication. You can take it to your doctor or mental health worker.

Type: Diary


Health passports


My Mental Health Passport

DescriptionYou can use this sheet to keep information about you and your mental health in one place to show to health workers.

TypeMental health passport


My Health Matters

DescriptionThis folder can help you communicate with your health workers. You can add information about yourself such as how you like to communicate.

TypeHealth Passport


Admission2Discharge (A2D) Together Folder

DescriptionA folder that brings together information about your health, medications, and likes and dislikes.

TypeHealth Passport


Setting goals


me360 cards

DescriptionCards to help you think about the important things in your life such as making choices and speaking up.

Type: Cards


Online tools


Healthy Mind

DescriptionAn online Easy Read tool that can help people with intellectual disability build good mental health.

TypeSelf-help tool


Smiling Mind

DescriptionFree mindfulness app and information about relaxation.

TypeSelf-help tool


THIS WAY UP – Coping Tools

DescriptionFree online tools to help you cope with hard times. There are also tools in different languages.

TypeSelf-help tool


Black Dog Institute's Digital Tools and Apps

DescriptionFree online tools and mobile apps for your mental health and wellbeing.

TypeOnline tools