I cannot get to a service

Sometimes it is hard to get to a mental health worker for appointments. They may be out of your area or not close to public transport.


If you think you will have trouble getting to a mental health worker

You can:

  • ask if the mental health worker can come to your home or somewhere else that suits you
  • discuss if you could meet online via teleconferencing. Teleconferencing allows you to see and communicate with people online. You can use programs like Zoom to teleconference. To communicate is how you understand and share your feelings or information.
  • communicate with your National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) Support Coordinator about transport options if you have an NDIS plan. You may be able to get a support worker to drive you. Many disability organisations can help with transport.
  • see if there are government community transport options available to you


Graphic of information in text- ways you can access a service


If you have been in hospital and cannot get to your follow-up appointments

You can tell your doctor or call the hospital. There should be a phone number for the hospital on your discharge (transfer of care) plan. They can help you with ways you can get to your appointment.