Getting support for my mental health

This section guides you through what happens at each step if you get support for your mental health. This is known as a mental health care pathway.

There is information on:

  • what happens at each step
  • what questions you may be asked
  • how you can prepare for appointments with mental health workers
  • how you can be involved in your care.

There are 7 different parts.

Supporting someone
Mental health care pathway
Your rights
Your rights

You have rights when you need help for your mental health. Rights are rules about how everybody should be treated fairly. A right is something everyone has.

Find out more in the Your rights section.

Where to start
Where to start to get help

It is good to know where to start to look for help for your mental health in different situations.

Find out more in the Where to start to get help section.

Your first appointment

Learn about how to prepare for your first appointment with your GP or mental health worker and what will happen.

Find out more in the Your first appointment section.


An assessment is when a health worker asks you questions about you and your health. They use this information to work out the best way to help you. Learn what happens during an assessment. 

Find out more in the Assessment section.


Treatments are things that can help you feel better. Treatments can be therapies or medication.

Find out more in the Treatment section.

Moving on
Moving on from services

Learn how you can continue to get support after you finish treatment, leave hospital, or see a new mental health worker.

Find out more in the Moving on from services section.

Working with your team
Working with your team

Learn about how you can work with your team who support your mental health. This includes people such as your carers, family, support workers, and mental health workers.

Find out more in the Working with your team section.