Emergency help template

Emergency help card
Supporting someone with mental illness

An Emergency help card can keep you and others safe in a crisis.  


A crisis is when you are in danger or are very upset. 


You are in danger if you could be hurt or injured. 

one side of the Emergency help card. In top left corner is this websites logo. Centre the card is a red box. Inside the box are emergency help lines and their numbers.

An Emergency help card can support you and others to 

  • Know what to do in a crisis  


  • Know who to contact in a crisis 


  • Call phone lines that can support you in a crisis 

Both sides of emergency card. The bottom edge of each side is connected to make a longer rectangle. Around the outside of this rectangle is a dotted black line. Connected to this line are a pair of black scissors in the top right-hand corner.

You can use the Emergency help card template below to make an Emergency Card that is right for you. 


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