Tips for good mental health

Tips for good mental health

This information is about tips for good health.

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It has information on ideas for staying healthy and feeling well. 

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And ways to have good mental wellbeing and feel happy.

Ideas for staying healthy and feeling well
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Below are some ideas for how to stay healthy and feel well.

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All of these ideas can help you have good mental wellbeing.


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Good mental wellbeing means you

  • Are generally happy with life


  • Can cope with stress
Different activities
  • Can do activities you want to do
Being with someone you trust
  • Have friends to support you
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To cope means you can deal with difficult things.


The ideas below can also help you get better if you have had mental health problems in the past.

People who support each other


To stay healthy and feel well you might build a strong social network.


A social network is all the people around you who can support you.


Talking to someone you trust


Your social network will have people you trust.


There are many people you might trust.


For more information about who you might trust go to


Support group

To stay healthy and feel well you might continue with

  • Community activities


  • Support groups


A support group is a small group of people you meet with to communicate about mental health.

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To communicate is how you understand and share your feelings or information.

Seeing a health worker


You might also

  • Have regular check-ups with your doctor


  • Communicate with your doctor about managing your health issues




If it helps you might keep a journal.


Sometimes a journal is called a feelings diary.


A feelings diary is a place where you can note down your thoughts and feelings.


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A journal can help you

  • Think about your experiences


  • Plan ahead for any tough times


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For more information about how you can use a journal or feelings diary go to


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To stay healthy and feel well it is important to ask for help early if you start to notice a change in how you are feeling.


You can communicate with someone you trust.



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